I am a health economist specializing in health behaviors, health policy evaluation, and economic evaluation. My research addresses a range of empirical policy-relevant topics in health behaviors and health outcomes (e.g. smoking, drinking, physical activity, obesity), healthcare financing, health services research, and cost-effectiveness analysis. My research applies various micro-econometric techniques (particularly, quasi-experimental methods) and economic theory to individual-level data from social surveys and administrative databases.

Refereed Publications

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Working Papers

  1. Do Child Fitness Tax Credits Make Children More Active? (with Paul Grootendorst) 
  2. Smoking Bans, Day by Day and Week by Week (with  Charles de Bartolome and Ian Irvine)
  3. Effects of Smoke-free Car Laws on Children's Asthma.
  4. Long-Term Health Effects of Vietnam War's Herbicide Exposure on the Vietnamese Population (with Nikolay Gospodinov)